Thursday, March 29, 2012

More Hobbies

Some of you who know me already know that at Christmas and New Years I was in the hospital for a week and had to chill out for a while... but I have decided to get back to my hobbies!  In case you don't already know what my hobbies are, I will let you in on it!  My first hobby that I started on when I was just a kid was crocheting... My grandma taught me when I was about 10 I believe.  But of course that got put aside when it wasn't "IN"....  So later I decided to start arranging flowers and making lil party decor thingys or centerpieces I guess I should say... which later led to Wedding Decor, which later led to balloon decor, (Which I love to do btw), and then cake decorating.  It turned out that me and my hubby together could take care of a wedding or quinceanera completely on our own.  My hubby is a caterer and he loves to take pics and video and then edit videos... and then of course I love decorating the special occasions and decorating the cake... so really we could do the whole event... even music if you like Mexican Christian Rondalla music!  But my most recent hobbies would be jewelry making which I started about 2 years ago... and then hair pretties, which I still do off and on for my girls or special orders... and then of course I'm sure you know that crochet is really "in" nowadays, so I am doin that as well.  And just recently I was given an awesome sewing machine, which I do know how to use to an extent.  So needless to say, I am really into sewing for my girls these days.  I am thinking that I will be offering a few lil skirts or photo props over at Jamie's Jems on FB very soon!
     I feel like showin off some pics of things that I have made or done with all of my hobbies... Enjoy the pics!

Recent sewing projects... This dress was made without a pattern... First time I ever even tried to do that!

Here are some of my crocheted items that I have made:

Now how about some cakes:

Here are some party decor pics as well:

You wanna see some jewelry?

And maybe a few hair pretties!

Have I inspired you yet?

Oh and what about my first attempt at making a tutu?  Here it is!

If this wasn't enough to inspire you to find your hobby, then I suggest you join Pinterest...  That's where I get all my inspiration!  Look me up when you get over there...  (Jamie Hansens Gaspar)

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