Thursday, March 29, 2012

Here I am posting yet another blog today!  Just wanted to share with you all the new plan that me and my children have made.  Since we are LOVING pinterest too much... we have made a goal to try to make 1 thing a day from all the great ideas that I have pinned on my pinterest pinboards.  I know that some days may be difficult to get that done, but the main goal is to do at least 4 a week!  So the blog will be all about achieving our goal and showing off what we did and how we did it... So if you are willing to join us.. then don't miss the blogs!  Let's Start Tomorrow!


  1. Joining! ;) I am a new blogger myself and I know how it feels to have no feed back or comments so I am here to support you friend!

    1. Thanks Victoria... nice to see you here... spread the word on yours for me please. I have big plans!